22 of February, in Vasteras

Disclaimer: Чтобы прочитать этот текст на русском, просто закиньте в Google translate 😘

Today there will be more photos, videos and I decided to write in English, potomu chto gladiolus ^^)

It was quite a rainy morning, but not the heavy rain, it’s was snowing. I decided to make cardio in the gym first and then on the street, here’s how it looked like outside:

I love this small town, because whenever you see a spotlight, you may stop there, make a photo and it will be a nice one.

This photo is for Dombr ☺️ it is a door of Turbine House.

Some beauty of architecture

And also vintage stuff, I haven’t bought a sweater, but probably come back there tomorrow (the place is called “Myrorna” like “Мирорна” 🙃, but actually it means “ants”, мурахи)

And it comes the lunch time. I have no idea who is the chef of the place, which is called “Nom”, but the meal there is amazing. Swedish cuisine will be my favorite after Spanish. It’s only meat and veggies, probably prepared with a help of sous-vide. The highlight of the dish is definitely a souce, I suppose it was Balsamico and olive oil. And, for starters, there is an amazing typically Swedish thing – you may collect antipasti or tapas of your own choice, which also consists of simple, but very tasty veggies.

As for modern construction, it feels like Swedes have preserved the architectural minimalism.

The same in the interior design, I love the space zoning.

And, finally, Swedish people know how to emphasize their advantages when they dress up 👌🏻😊

Чтобы прочитать этот текст на русском, просто закиньте в Google translate 😘


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